A Step by Step Guide to Advertising on our Homepage

Step 1

Enter your details by clicking here and choose how many boxes you would like.

Step 2

You'll then be diverted to the Sue Ryder Charity site to make your payment. Alternatively go to http://www.suerydercare.org/100kchallengedonate and add your details.

Step 3

You’ll receive an email confirmation from Sue Ryder that your card payment has been accepted.

Step 4

Email your files to advertise@100kchallenge.co.uk

The 2 files you should email us are:

  • Your 10 x 10 pixel design
  • Your logo in the correct format (jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, png image)
  • Must be 150 pixels wide x 180 pixels high

    Step 5

    Help us out! Spread the word!

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    NB. In order to keep costs as low as possible and the time involved managing your advertising to a minimum, online credit card or debit card payment is preferable. If you are unable to donate in this way, please contact Sue Ryder St Johns to request an alternative payment method.